If you want to give your little one the extra edge as they progress through their early years and see their confidence improve in leaps and bounds then this is the programme for them.

Especially tailored for 4-6 year olds the aim is to teach them martial arts in a fun and engaging way without following a strict syllabus or tests by way of grading. There will be no grading on this programme. Classes are an hour long in which they will engage in physical and mental activity. The classes will provide a strong foundation which will get the children familiar with martial arts techniques and how to perform them confidently and correctly. So whether they are shy and quiet or loud and boisterous they will benefit from this class.

Once they are feeling more confident, they can move onto the core FK-MMA syllabus grading programme which is a lot more intense and requires more teaching time hence longer classes. The Teeny Tigers Programme will make a child better equipped mentally and physically to adapt to the core grading programme.

FK-MMA is a safe and friendly environment. We have on-site parking and CCTV. Front doors are monitored and operate on a buzzer system only so no-one can just wander onto the premises. Instructors are CRB checked and First Aid Qualified.

Please come and see us or call us for more information and class times. The cost is £30 per month which gives your child 4 x 1 hour classes.


Pay for a year in advance and we will give your child the following benefits

worth £75.00 FREE!!

FREE insurance for one year
FREE FKMMA UNIFORM:  T-shirt and Training Trousers.

That’s a total saving of £75.00!!

Help your child to feel more confident, call us now on 01902 352 082

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