At FKMMA we have created an environment that is not only friendly, supportive and safe, but one that provides facilities that we believe are crucial to any students' training experience.  

MMA Cage

Our competition size octagon cage is perfect for getting to grips with all aspects of grappling and Jui Jitsu.  It gives students a realistic experience especially for those that wish to compete.

Boxing Ring

All student's get to work in the ring to develop their skills and work on ring craft.

Exercise Facilities

We have a fully equipped gymnasium with free weights and Matrix running machines.  

Equipment Shop

We stock all uniform and CA approved gloves.  All protective equipment is available in-house.

Birdy's Cafe

The Cafe provides the perfect environment for parents and students to relax.  Parents can enjoy lunch while kid's train and students can grab a bite to eat or protein shake to go.  Baguettes, Panini's, Jacket Potatoes, cakes and desserts are prepared fresh daily.  Organic Coffee and Tea is also served.

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